Marianne Hasenöhrl-Obsieger

2017"Steiermark for ever", Galerie im Forum Rathaus, Knittelfeld, Austria
"Icons", Kitz-Art Kunstgalerie, Kitzbühel, Austria
2014Fountain Art Fair, New York
2013Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa, Sárvár, Hungary
2011Artspace-Galleries, Paris
Artspace-Galleries, London
2010Stadtgalerie, Fürstenfeld
Icons, Oliver Sonnbichler Architekten, Vienna, Austria
2009Bridge Art Fair, New York
2008Millionairs fair, JMA gallery, Munich/ Germany
„one woman show“ , JMA gallery Vienna, Austria
2007solo exhibition, gallery Time, Vienna
2006exhibition together with Susanna Taratuty, Vienna / Austria
exhibition, Friedrichshafen / Germany
exhibition, Art Nocture Knocke, Belgium
solo exhibition, Barbaro, Vienna
2005solo exhibion Benefit-Exposition Museum Arad
exhibition Bad Blumau / Austria
participation together with Susanna Taratuty, 7th Art international / Zürich
2004solo exhibition, Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero Pavilion del Arte, Argentina solo exhibition Schloss Hartberg , Styria Austria
2003solo exhibition Wiener Wirtschaftskammer, Vienna Austria
exhibition Schloß Burgau , Styria Austria
2002Exhibition Gallery Culture Institut in Austrian Embassy, Tokyo, Japan.
participation at exhibition "Visions of Elvis and Pop Icons", Gallery 218, Milwaukee, USA
solo exhibition Palais Palffy, Vienna, Josefsplatz 6, 20th Nov. - 4th Dec.
2001Open Air Exhibition in Styria, Blumau, Installation of Totems
solo exhibition, Bulgarian Culture Institut, House Wittgenstein, Vienna
2000First solo exhibit in Paris, Galerie Yves Fay
Solo exhibit, Atrium Galerie, Blumau, Styria
Solo exhibit, Salon Galerie, Vienna, Austria
1998/99Participated in various Group shows with Peter Sengl and Norbert Brunner.
1995Attended international Summer Academy Salzburg, founded by Oskar Kokoschka. dimensions taught by Tone Fink.

Selected Public and private Collections:

  • HARA-Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
  • Thomas Kann, Privat Collection, Monaco
  • Maria Lipp, Dubai
  • City art Museum Arad, Romania
  • BKS bank of Styria, Austria
  • Wolfgang Weissengruber, Austria
  • Jutta Unkert Seifert, Austria
  • Horst Ruschmayer, Germany
  • Hermann Becker, Germany
  • Walter Korpitsch, Austria
  • Felix Hasenöhrl, Austria
  • Norbert Brunner, Austria
  • Yvonne Weiler, Wien
  • Austrian Embassy-Galerie, Tokyo
  • Municipality Bad Waltersdorf, Austria
  • Maria Bauer, Bad Waltersdorf, Austria
  • Municipality Bad Blumau, Austria
  • Ursula Hiden, Bad Blumau, Austria
  • Irmgard Peters, Neustadt, Germany